Gambling on a Dream Vol 1 & 2 Book Set

Las Vegas history book 1930-1973

This two-volume multimedia book set tells the fascinating story of the Las Vegas Strip. Explore the rich history of the first hotels built during the formative years -1930-1956, through turbulent times of cultural and societal change,1956-1973.

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Fabulously cool, multimedia content!

♠️  Nearly 70 VIDEOS
that can be played inside the book!

showing each hotel's location on the Strip

of rarely seen historical images

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Hear remarkable stories of the first 19 hotels on the Strip


El Rancho Vegas Hotel
Last Frontier Hotel
Flamingo Hotel
Thunderbird Hotel

Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn
Sahara Hotel
Sands Hotel

Royal Nevada Hotel
The Riviera
Dunes Hotel


Aladdin Hotel
Caesars Palace
Circus Circus

Hacienda Hotel
Tropicana Hotel
Stardust Hotel

Landmark Hotel
International Hotel
original MGM Grand Hotel


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Relive the Golden Era of Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas do you immediately think of the Sands Hotel’s famed Copa Room or the Flamingo with its neon clad champagne tower? Maybe the Sahara during its heyday in the swinging ‘60s? Perhaps you remember the beloved entertainers such as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin or lounge performers such as Louie Prima, Keely Smith and Sam Butera?

That era of the Strip was a heady mixture of glamour, glitz and neon that has all but vanished from the Las Vegas Strip of today. But it lives on in our collective memory.

You can relive that golden era with Gambling on a Dream: The Classic Las Vegas Strip 1930-1973. This multi-media book combines Vol. 1 and 2 in this series and offers extensive histories of the first nineteen hotels built on the famed boulevard. From conception to implosion, with a few survivor stories, each hotel’s story includes rarely seen images and video clips featuring the men and women who worked, played and entertained there.

Meet the people who created America's Playground

Meet the visionaries who dreamed large, built their dream hotels and turned a small, post-World War II town into America’s Playground featuring sensational around-the-clock entertainment and legal gambling, during an era when Nevada was the only state to offer legalized gaming. Men like Thomas Hull, Billy Wilkerson, Milton Prell, Kirk Kerkorian, and Jay Sarno all brought their unique visions of a gambling paradise and built hotel casinos that are still talked about today and still remembered fondly.

Lean about the downfall of the mob and Howard Hughes

Hear stories about the men who ran the casinos and their connections with organized crime as well as the effort to rid the hotels of their mob influence in the 1970s. In addition, learn how Howard Hughes helped usher in a new era of corporate ownership that forever changed the type of visionary builder who followed in his wake.

Well-known myths are exposed and the real stories revealed!

Nearly 70 videos inside the book include:

  • Musician Sam Butera talking about working with Louie Prima
  • Hotel executive Burt Cohen talking about working with Kirk Kerkorian and Jay Sarno
  • Heidi Sarno Straus talks about her father, Jay Sarno and his legacy
  • Stan Irwin recalls bringing the Beatles to Las Vegas in 1963
  • Those who saw Elvis Presley bomb at the New Frontier in 1956 and make his triumphant return to the International in 1969
  • People who knew Benjamin Siegel and those who knew Howard Hughes

- and many more!

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    Instantly download the complete Book Set


    *Available on iTunes for iPhones, iPads and Macs, Amazon for Kindle / Fire tablets and Barnes & Noble for Nook! Every book purchase actively supports Classic Las Vegas' ongoing historical preservation work