Thank You!!!


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  Many of you are still enjoying the holiday weekend, I hope.

I want to thank the large crowd that came out for our Untold Stories event on Thursday evening.  We heard some great history and some great first-hand stories from Lisa Medford, Betty Bunch, George Stamos and Dr. Michael Green.

They regaled us with stories and history of the early Las Vegas Strip for over two hours.  We covered a myraid of topics including Bugsy Siegel, Wilbur Clark, Tommy Hull, the Mob, Howard Hughes and much more.

I saw many FCLV fans in the audience and many repeat audience members from previous Untold Stories.  We are looking forward to August's offering:  In the Shadow of the Bomb about working at the Nevada Test Site and growing up in Las Vegas in that era.

A special thank you to everyone who visited this site the last two weeks.  I had no idea that our fireworks display listings would be so popular.  We had over 20,000 people visit the site the last two weeks.

Many have become subscribers and we appreciate that.

I am working on scanning hundreds of images of the original Las Vegas Strip hotels and creating photo galleries so that you can see how the hotels evolved over the years.  Thanks to a local collector who is letting me scan his postcard collection, we hope to have this all up by the end of the month.

In addition, beginning next week, I will begin the history of one of the most beloved resorts on the Strip, Caesars Palace.   I have access to a collection of never-before seen photos of Caesars under construction that I will be sharing with you so keep an eye out for that.  This history, of course, will be part of the The History of the Las Vegas Strip journal.

Again, thank you to everyone who visited us.  Please feel free to explore the blog and I hope you will keep coming back as we have some great images and history coming up.