Las Vegas High School All-School Reunion

Due to a technical snafu on the other end, the updated information for the Walter Zick event will be posted on Wednesday.


Last year, I was made an honorary alumnus of Las Vegas High School due to my work chronicling the lives of many of its graduates.

The honorary status comes with many treats none as much fun as the All-Class Reunion that the Alumni Association, led by Patty Haack, organizes each September.  It truly is the best party in town.  Sam's Town, owned by Bill Boyd, class of 1948, is the location and Boyd puts out a delicious spread.

Violet Oppedyke Tracht, 99 and an alumnus of the Class of 1928 was there again this year.  Berniece Johnson, class of 1937, was there celebrating her birthday with her family, including son, Norman who was a teacher of mine at Clark High School back in the day.  There was a terrific memorial to Joe Thiriot, long-time beloved teacher at the school.


Vi and her bouquet

It was great seeing B. Mahlon Brown, class of 1957,  there.  I hadn't seen Mahlon in about two years.  He came down from his home in Oregon and regaled his table the entire evening.  John "Buzzy" Ullom, Donna and Gail Andress, Mary Carmichael Cashman and Senator Richard Bryan were all there.

Rollie Gibbs was the master of the ceremonies.  The current Wildcat Band made a rousing entrance and led the audience in the fight song as well as the alma mater.  Cork Proctor, class of 1954, had the crowd laughing and howling.

By the time the evening was wrapping up, everyone was talking about next year's party.  Bottom line, we can't wait!



Photos courtesy of Dave Williams, webmaster for the Las Vegas High School Alumni Association.

Go Wildcats!