1969 Led Zeppelin at the Ice Palace, Las Vegas

Were you there?

Do you have ticket stubs or better yet, pictures of the concert or the marquee?

Yes, in the summer of 1969. Zep played Las Vegas.  I know hard to believe.  But back in those days, real bands did come to Las Vegas. 

The Beatles had performed at the old Convention Center Rotunda in 1964 and the teenagers of Las Vegas caught a bad case of Beatlemania.  The concerts sold out and girls held siege at the Sahara Hotel, where the four most famous musicians in the world, at that time, were staying.

In the ensuing years, other bands came to the Convention Center, including Iron Butterfly.

According to the official Zep website, ledzeppelin.com, the concert took place on August 11th or 12th in the old Ice Palace, home to the Ice Capades, in Commercial Center.

"They were good, except when Jimmy Page pulled out that violin bow and drove me nuts with it for the next 25 minutes," recalls Las Vegas resident Tom Burt. "It was before they were really big—they only had their first album out—but if you knew what was goin' on, you knew who they were."

So, were you in the audience in August of 1969, did you see Zep?  Do you have tickets?  Or better yet pictures.

If so, let us know.  The folks at the website are anxious to talk to people who were there and discover if there is any photographic evidence of the concert.

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