From its humble beginnings as a dusty railroad town to its heyday as America's Playground, Las Vegas is a city that continues to reinvent itself. This Classic Las Vegas History blog is part of a large preservation project that helps document the unique history and the stories of the men and women who helped build Las Vegas.

This is the place to learn the real history of Las Vegas. It is where we separate myth from fact, share the stories of the individuals who helped build the town and celebrate one of the most fabulous cities ever built.

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From its roots as the central gathering and shopping district of a small town on the edge of something great, to its heyday as Glitter Gulch, a neon canyon of casinos and retail, to today's re-emergence as an alternative to the over-crowded and over-hyped Las Vegas Strip, the history of Fremont Street is the history of Las Vegas.

This is where Las Vegas was born and where its residents grew up. Its history spans over a hundred years and can still be glimpsed - if you know where to look!

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