Preservation Alert: The Huntridge Theater

I was visiting my pal, Ben, at the Town and Country Florist on Monday.  After leaving there I was driving west on Charleston Blvd and discovered that the Mattress Store that was next door to the venerable Huntridge Theater is out of business.  No signage, no more Going Out of Business signs in the parking lot, no signs of a business being in that corner at all.

While I won't miss Cima Mattress, the family that owns the building also owns the Huntridge Theater.  With both buildings now empty, I would hate to think that the both structures might fall victim to the very popular way of dealing with buildings someone no longer wants, a fire of suspicious nature. 

The building that used to house Cima Mattress was once the Huntridge Station Post Office and had wonderful murals inside.  My mother and I used to go there to mail letters and bills when we lived downtown in the early 1960s.

For more on the history of the Huntridge Theater click here 

This could quickly become a preservation issue as the owner does not seem interested in selling either building.