My Dad has died

I apologize to all the readers and subscribers of this site for not updating the site in the last week and a half.  My Dad passed away early in the morning on Nov. 28th.

I have been dealing with the aftermath since.

I will begin posting new entries by Wednesday.  There will be a tribute to my dad as well.  I will continue to update the Healthcare page so that those who are following the story and taking notes won't feel like we abandon them.  We learned a great deal on this journey and if it can help others further down the road then perhaps our journey was not totally in vain.

A human life should be worth more than a bed in a hospital and right now we are left wondering if the Insurance Company placed more value on the hospital bed.

Stay tuned, stay subscribed.  We have new entries not only on the Healthcare page but Historic neighborhoods, Frazier Hall, the Historic Resident of the Week, a Brief History of the Strip including the Thunderbird history and more coming.

I appreciate your understanding at this difficult time.