Kenny Kerr returns to Las Vegas!

Norm!, the entertainment gossip columnist, for the Review Journal, is reporting that Kenny Kerr will be performing at the Bootlegger Bistro on Saturday night.  The shows at the Bootlegger usually start about 10:00 pm.

For those wondering who Kenny Kerr is, well, long before Frank Marino thought of doing his act at the Riviera, Kenny Kerr had a show called Boylesque.  It started out at the Silver Slipper and broke out from there.  For many years, Kerr and Marino were said to be on the outs.  Recently, they met for dinner and reportedly put all the bad feelings behind them.

If you have never seen Kenny Kerr or haven't seen his show in quite awhile, get on out to the Bootlegger Bistro this Saturday.  You won't be disappointed.