Doug Henry is Missing

This is off the path of our usual postings I know, but almost a year ago my husband and I attended the wedding of Doug Henry and Beth Devine.  I have known Beth since our days at Garside Jr. High back in the late 1960s.

They live in Reno. 

Reno propane truck driver, Doug Henry is missing. He was last seen at the Chevron station at the corner of 4th and Keystone. He used his credit card there at 6:50am on 5/21/07. He has not been seen since. He was driving a ’95 Saturn 2-door car with Nevada plates 106-TFC. Mr. Henry is 54 years old, 6 foot tall with green eyes and a gray moustache and beard. He has a shaved (bald) head.

Sometime around June 10th, the authorities found Doug’s car in a remote wilderness recreation area nearby. The VIN# plate and tags had been removed. Police were puzzled that the car was very clean with nothing in the glove box or the trunk. According to his wife Beth, Doug kept a messy car. 

The police are now treating this case as a crime.  They are not sure if it is a kidnapping, a robbery, a murder or a suicide.  The car is being combed over by Reno CSI members.  It could take up to three weeks for any results to be known.  One of the investigating detectives says it is the strangest case he has had in 15 years. 

Doug Henry was last seen wearing a tan “Dickies” workshirt and cammo shorts. If anyone has seen this man, please contact the Reno, NV police department at (775)-334-2677.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Beth and the family.


The following excerpt is from a flyer that has been going around locally in the Reno/Tahoe area:

From Beth Devine, Doug's wife:

This past Monday (5/21/07), my husband Doug Henry disappeared. What I mean by disappeared is that we got up Monday morning, we both got dressed for work, had coffee together, talked about our upcoming day, made our lunches and went to work. The last thing he said was "I will see you tonight" and I gave him a kiss. What happened after that, I'm not sure. I do know he stopped at the Chevron station on 4th & Keystone at 6:50 am (he used a credit card) and that he never made it to work. I am asking each and everyone one I know to PLEASE first pray for my husband’s safety, then if you would please email this flyer to everyone on your email list If they live in the Reno-Sparks-Carson City-Washoe county-Northern Nevada-Northern California areas.