The Heat

Yeah, I know.  I grew up here, I should be used to the heat.  But one thing I have learned over the years is that there is a big difference between 110 and 117.  I know, seven degrees doesn't make that much difference when we are talking abstractly about it.  But in real life, there is a world of difference between the two.

 It's 110 out.  I will still go visit Donna and Gail in Nelson, I'll still go visit Dennis in Boulder City, I'll still drive around town with RoadsidePictures checking out historical sites.  My car will be happy doing all these things and the air conditioner will be happy.  But most important, the car won't be thinking I could overheat now.

It's 117 out.  And I have a sinus and chest cold.  I opted not to go anywhere.  Yesterday, I had to.  Got back in the car and the temp said it was 124!!!!  Once the car got going, the temp went down to 117.  In 117, my car is not as happy.  It still keeps me cool but the temp. gauge runs a tad hotter than at 110.  Being the superstitious type, I don't like to court disaster so I head for home where the car can rest.

At 112 and above, going outside is like walking into a blast furnace.  Especially if there is a breeze.  There are descriptions of hell that sound kinder and cooler than the last few days of excessive heat in Las Vegas. 

They say a cooling trend is coming this weekend and temps will be back down in the 110 or slightly lower range.

Can't come a minute too soon.  As for the cold, hopefully it is on the way out, too! 


Thanks to RoadsidePictures for this great shot of 114 in the shade! (and letting us use it!)