OJ Simpson back in Vegas- This time in Jail

Sorry for the delay in writing this week.  I was felled by that flu/cold bug going around.  Ewww!


Late Breaking news from Channel 8 has OJ Simpson in Las Vegas and in jail.  Simpson returned to jail on Friday, where he will spend several days before a judge hears allegations that he violated terms of his bail in an armed robbery case here, officials said.

Simpson arrived in Las Vegas on a commercial flight from Florida with his bail bondsman.   He was taken in handcuffs by a police escort to the Clark County Detention Center, where he ignored questions from reporters.

The hearing is set for Wednesday morning, January 16th, at 9:00 am.

Channel 8 is reporting that according to a motion filed by District Attorney David Roger that   "Defendant [O.J. Simpson] attempted to dissuade a co-defendant from testifying and cooperating with law enforcement. Defendant directed his bail bondsman to contact co-defendant Clarence Stewart to give him a message from the defendant."

In the motion, Roger asks that Simpson's bail be revoked. 

Simpson was released on $125,000 bond back in September after charges were filed against him in the case of an armed robbery at the Palace Station Hotel.  Channel 8 is also reporting that Simpson has yet to pay his bail bondsman a reportedly $18,000.  Nevada law requires a defendant to post  15% of the total bond.