Judge rules against Caucus Lawsuit

As Las Vegas, its citizens and all those folks from out of town in support of the candidates get ready for Saturday's landmark caucus, US District Judge James Mahan has ruled against the attempt by the Teachers Union to block at large precincts on the Las Vegas Strip. 

He ruled that the Democratic Party had the right to set its own rules and that he did not want to set a precedent that could affect other caucuses throughout the country.

Speaking of people in town in support of the candidates, I ran into Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villagroisa at Dona Maria's Tamales on Las Vegas Blvd. South Saturday evening.  He took a few minutes to talk with me and I told him that I had to travel all the way to Las Vegas to finally meet my mayor.  He is in town in support of Hillary Clinton.

The Review Journal is predicting that Clinton and Romney will be the big winners on Saturday (though Obama and the Culinary Union supporters may have something to say about that).  The hotels are besieged by news crews wanting to film in the casinos.  Seems many of the crews have the same idea, have the reporter at a gaming table pushing a big tower of chips to the middle of the table so that the reporter can then say "Candidate name here is bucking the odds here in Las Vegas".  We would hope that the news coverage on Saturday will have a bit more orginiality to it.

If you live in Las Vegas and are confused about the caucus or have questions there is an article in today's Review Journal that hopes to provide the answers.



Our pals over at the Las Vegas Sun (with their new and improved website) also have some tips for those taking part in this historic event:




Doubling down as the caucus draws near (I couldn't resist, sorry).