Las Vegas Historic Preservation Summit

Friday was the all-day Historic Preservation Summit at the 5th Street School.  Organized by Courtney Mooney, the Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Las Vegas, the Summit brought together such diverse groups as the Preservation Association of Clark County, Friends of Classic Las Vegas, VeryVintageVegas, Archaeo-Nevada, the Historic Preservation Commission and Nevada Archaeological Association, Preserve Nevada, the Spanish Trail Society and the Nevada Rock Art Foundation.

The morning session was a chance for the various groups to interact and get to know what each organization focuses on and how we could work together.

The afternoon session was open to the public and brought fresh faces to the conversation.  What came out of the afternoon session was an agreement by the participants that there needs to be a focus on Cultural and Heritage Tourism.

Everyone agreed that it wouldn't be easy to get the City and County to recognize the need for cultural tourism but some very good ideas were bandied about.

Another subject that almost everyone agreed on was a need for Clark County to establish a Historic Preservation Office and the very real need for there to be a Historic Preservation Commission that would include representatives from throughout the Valley. 

There was a great deal of brainstorming and some effective ways to work together.

We look forward to working with the various groups and we hope this Summit becomes an annual event.