Thunderbird Hotel mystery photo

Our pal Dennis McBride, the Curator of History and Collections at the Nevada State Museum, needs your help.  He is hoping that you can help identify one or more people in this photo.

Here is what Dennis has to say about the photo:

This photograph comes from the Martin A. "Marty" and JoAnn Zwerling Collection at the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas [collection no. 0011:0217].

It was taken in 1952 at the Thunderbird Hotel and Casino and purports to include the hotel's owners and guests. From left to right: unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; boxer Jack Dempsey; JoAnn Zwerling; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; Marion Hicks; unidentified.

If you can help identify the unknown people in this photo let us know!