Swanky Mid-Century Modern Las Vegas Ads

We hope that you are enjoying this walk down memory lane with us.  Today we are featuring some great ads from Las Vegas businesses circa the 1950s and early 1960s.  Who knew that Las Vegas was really this swanky?  Did you?


Don't you wish you could get that furniture at those prices today?

This is the type of furniture store my folks would have gone to. 



This is the type of store I wished we could have afforded.  I love that lamp.



Our first house in Northtown had a similar heater.  I also love the "Broad Breasted Bronzed" turkey ad for Blue Sage Brands.



I can just picture the women of the Junior League and the Mesquite Club wearing hats like this.

Christian Dior fashion in Las Vegas in the 1950s.  No wonder Fanny's was the place women loved to shop!



I'm thinking the Tall Sailor story is not connected to the ad.

I'm trying to picture where you would wear a hat like this.  Any ideas?



When I was a youngster and we lived in Northtown, the babysitter would let me stay up and watch "Gunsmoke".  This was the very early years when Miss Kitty had the cat-house upstairs and the show didn't try to white wash that.  We weren't big Lawrence Welk fans though.


I'm just not sure what message Benny Binion was trying to convey with this ad.



KENO Radio broadcast from the grounds of the El Rancho Vegas and KORK broadcast from the grounds of the Thunderbird.  KORK later became a television station.  It is better known today as Channel 3.  It is still the NBC affiliate in town.


I miss Fremont Street looking like this.



Gold Medallion All Electric Homes.  The gold medallion was embedded at the foot of your driveway.

For the VeryVintageVegas.com crew.  Thought you might enjoy seeing what kind of home you could get for $95 a month.  What I would give to have that monthly payment.  Located off the old Salt Lake Highway (Las Vegas Blvd North), each house came equipped with  Flameless Electric Kitchen Appliances by Westinghouse, a heat lamp in the bathroom, a 40 gallon hot water heater, spacious linen closets,  tile floors throughout, oversized sliding aluminum windows, folding metal closet doors, mica counter tops, a spacious family kitchen eating area, an outdoor living patio and a Westinghouse kitchen exhaust fan, garbage disposal and built-in range and oven.  Ah, Westinghouse.



For a swell evening on the town.



I loved the Vegas Village in Northtown.  It had a carousel out front and if I behaved myself while Mom shopped I got to go on it after we got through the check-out line.  I usually tried to behave. 

The lovely Schick Patrician came with two sides.  One side for legs, one side for underarms.  Both gentle as lotion, yet you could shavefar closer and far safer than you'd ever dare with a blade.

The Compact was the HE-MAN shaver at the compact price.  Adjustable head for cleaner shaves!  The World's (yes, they capitalized world) only washable, stainless steel head for cleaner shaves.  Don't you feel cleaner just reading that?

The Shick Jewel was completely feminine!  Exclusive 8-comb golden head lets her shave closer than she'd dare with a blade!  In a beautiful jewelry box case.

The Shick 1066

Now he'll shift the speeed, set hte head, fit the shave to his particular beard and skin like a skilled barber does.  Give the mightiest shaving instrument ever invented (it really says that).  Handsome carrying case too! 



Ronzone's was right on Fremont Street, where Neonopolis is today.  I wonder how many women received Sparky the horse valet for Christmas that year?  And how many smiled politely and then returned it?  Sparky was a ceramic catch-all, beautifully colored with a whisk broom tail.



I love the TV/Party cart where you can store your liquor under your teevee.  Guess it makes it closer than walking to the kitchen.  I hope the stero/television chassis came in blonde.  It was a completely contained stero with deluxe 4-speed Multi-Mix record changer, an AM/FM Radio all by Philco.  Price included delivery, installation, parts, labor and warranty.  And no down payment, up to 2 yrs to pay

And don't forget your Orange Stamps.


I wonder what record album you got for free?