Moulin Rouge may be coming back to life!





In all the hubbub of last week, we forgot to shine the spotlight on this very important news.

According to an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal , out-of-town investors have partnered with the local Moulin Rouge Development Corp. to revitalize the once-proud hotel/casino on Bonanza Road.

The Moulin Rouge, of course, was the first segregated hotel in Las Vegas and opened on the Westside in 1955.  It quickly became the 'in' spot with its dance troupe from the famed Cotton Club in New York and a nightly list of entertainment that kept the joint jumping until the early hours of the morning.  

Despite its seeming success, the hotel closed abruptly months later.  Despite many different efforts to re-open the fabled casino and showroom, for too many years the property sat empty and forlorn.  In 2003, work began on restoring the casino and the showroom.  Unfortunately, in 2004, an arson fire gutted all but the front wall and Betty Willis' iconic sign.

That serious money is being invested with a look towards rebuilding and restoring the Moulin Rouge is great news.  We hope this time it comes to pass.

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