Nevada Landing Almost Gone

Our good friends over at, alerted us to the fact that Nevada Landing in Jean, Nevada was being torn down. 

It was only a month ago we passed by the hotel (our favorite of the two in Jean) and didn't notice anything amiss.  Of course, we were traveling a bit over the speed limit so that may have been a factor.

I called RoadsidePictures with the news and he told me that one reason I likely didn't notice it (besides my driving) was that the demolition started in the rear of the building.

Fair enough.  I had noticed the demolition of the two rest stops between Stateline (I have a hard time calling it Primm as I remember when it was the size of a postage stamp and Kactus Kate's was the most recognizable landmark it had) and Baker so I do notice some things even at a certain speed, such as the three former Stuckey's that have undergone adaptive reuse and are still for the most part, still look like Stuckey's

But back to Nevada Landing.  I drove by it today and was surprised to see how much of it was gone.  As you approach from the south, you immediately notice that only the Gold Strike really appears on the horizon.  As you get closer, you wonder what the heck happened.  

Then you see the truncated sign and the debris field and you know that while the economy may be on the down swing and Las Vegas real estate may be in the doldrums (though our pals at VeryVintageVegas have been broadly hinting that the market is starting to come back), the Greenspuns and the Feritittas are going ahead with their mixed-use retail/living complex that will make Jean more of a bedroom suburb of Las Vegas than a low-roller heaven.

Here's some pictures courtesy of  We think these guys and RoadsidePictures need to have coffee together very soon.