Fremont East Entertainment District Update




The Fremont East Entertainment District had a big party last August to kick-off the opening of the area that is located on Fremont Street  between Las Vegas Blvd. and Eighth Street.

The new neon  signs shining brightly at night and one of our favorite hang-outs is the Downtown Cocktail RoomThe Griffin and the Beauty Bar are also open.

Now word comes that the former National Dollar Store/7-11/Metro Sub-Station building on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Fremont (catty corner from Neonopolis) will transformed into The Hive, a two-story nightclub and alternative music venue.  Next door will be the Dowtown Burger Bar, a family style restaurant that will have sidewalk cafe seating.

The owners of the El Cortez also own the old Fremont Medical Building on the north side of Fremont Street at 6th.  This, of course, is the old JC Penney's store.  They are looking for someone to lease the building and upgrade the property.  The former Eaton's Dress Shop has had numerous signs in the window hearalding new openings that have yet to take place.

Our pals at CheapoVegas are very excited about the renovations going on at the Gold Spike (their favorite hang).  The Spike is undergoing a $3.5 million floor to ceiling renovation of the hotel and the casino.  The Siegel Group which owns the Gold Spike recently bought the Travel Inn (next door to the Spike) and will incorporate that property into the Spike. 

Word is even being floated that Neonopolis (now known as Fremont Square) may be showing some signs of life.  According to owner Rohit Joshi, a deli called "The Taste of California", an Italian Restaurant and a Sushi Bar are all set to open in the next few weeks.

Mike Nolan, general manager of the venerable El Cortez which continues to be a beacon of light and success in that area, was quoted as saying:

“Whether the economy gets better or worse, we can’t stop,” Nolan said. “You gotta keep moving or you’ll fall behind. There’s no such thing as sitting still. That’s what we’re working on.”

Here's hoping by the one-year anniversary this August that more businesses will have opened in the Fremont East Entertainment District.  This area has great potential, especially over the next five years as Fremont Street undergoes a historic renovation with the opening of Union Park and the other cultural sites that are set to open in a few years.