Dina Titus joining "Shadow of the Bomb" panel TONIGHT

Late Breaking news,

State Senator Dina Titus will be joining our panel this evening on the history of Atomic Testing in Southern Nevada!

This will be an incredible evening of history told by those who were here and witnessed it.

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In the Shadow of the Bomb

Thursday, August 7th

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

We look back at the years of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site with nuclear scientists and workers as well as those who watched the early morning blasts from Las Vegas.

An engrossing evening of history and memories from two men who worked at the Nevada Test Site, scientists  Al O'Donnell and Roger Staley.

Sen. Richard Bryan was a young teenager growing up in Las Vegas during the above ground testing years and he will talk about waking up in the early morning hours to experience the detonations.

Nate Schwartz owned a bar "Prospector's Headquarters" that was a supply store  for uranium miners.

So come and learn about the history of above-ground testing and living in the shadow of the bomb.

Thursday, August 7th
Las Vegas Springs Preserve

7:00 pm

$12 admission

We hope to see you there!