Happy Birthday, Dennis McBride


Dennis and me at Jack LeVine's Christmas party at Frankie's Tiki Room

I just wanted to send Birthday wishes to my brother in spirit, Dennis McBride.  Dennis was one of the main inspirations behind my getting interested in preserving 20th Century Las Vegas history.  His oral histories with the men who worked on the building of Boulder/Hoover Dam and the women who helped build Boulder City into more than just a Federal reservation were key to inspiring me.  His pioneering work at the Boulder Dam Museum as well as his work in chronicling the history of the Gay and Lesbian movement in the Las Vegas Valley serve as inspirations to us all.

He is currently the Curator of History at the Nevada State Museum and he is a member of the Friends of Classic Las Vegas.

History buffs and preservationists around the valley owe a debt of thanks to Dennis and that is why we are wishing him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Dennis, may all your birthday wishes come true!