Las Vegas: A random group of memories

Here are some photos that I came across when cleaning out my office.  I'll be posting more over the weekend.  Feel free to leave comments about these pieces of Las Vegas history, especially those that aren't there anymore.


The Horseshoe Club in 1999

The Horseshoe Club neon front in 1999

Fallout Shelter sign from the 1950s used to be on a side street in Downtown

RoadsidePictures says this sign was destroyed a few years ago.  It used to be on Third Street.


Used to be on the side entrance to the Horseshoe Club before it became Binion's.


The Green Shack signs before they were torn down.  The Cocktails sign is now in the Neon Museum boneyard.

Mid-Century Home in the Scotch Eighties


Another mid-century modern home in the Scotch Eighties


Motel neon sign that was part of the Algiers