Las Vegas of YesterYear

Here are some more memories of the Las Vegas of our collective memory.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and memories with us!

There used to be a magazine called "Your Host in Las Vegas".  These ads are from the June 1950 edition.  The magazines were in all the hotel rooms and you could make notes on the bottom of the page of when you visted the places.

 It's been there off Boulder Highway for over seventy years.  Back in 1950 you could eat there for $1.50.  Today, you can probably have all you can eat for under $10.  Notice the diary at the bottom so you could take the magazine home with you and have a souvenir of your trip!


 Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn was one of the poshest places to stay on the Las Vegas Strip back in the day.  Check out our history of the famed DI here:

The Modern West in Old West splendor.  The famed Hotel Last Frontier and the Ramona Room.  The Harmonicats, a mouth organ trio, were a staple on the Las Vegas Strip of the 1950s.  They rose to fame on their cover of "Peg O' My Heart" in 1947.

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The Golden Nugget was a paen to the famed days of San Francisco and the Barbary Coast.  With it's beautiful bullnose front and its Victorian-era flasher bulb sign that seemed to hang in the air with no support, the Golden Nugget reminded one and all of Las Vegas's frontier past.

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My thanks to my friend Genevieve in Atlanta for passing this great magazine along to me!