Las Vegas Christmas Wishes and Thank-You



As the holiday season draws closer I am reminded that I need to thank a number of people who help make Classic Las Vegas possible and help make what I do easier and much more fun.


So, with that in mind and in no particular order (after all it is late at night):

To the Springs Preserve. Marcel Parent and the Educational Department for their continued support of "Untold Stories".  Each month (except January), I bring long-time residents out to talk not only about the history of Las Vegas but their role in that history.  Thanks to the Springs Preserve, this is the only continous educational program of its kind.  A very warm thanks to our regular class members and their friends that help make this program successful!  I hope more of you will join us in 2010,  Take advantage of the lower prices and the discount!

To Dennis McBride and the crew at the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas for all their help and support throughout the year.  Dennis is like a brother to me and the crew at the State Museum is always willing to step up and help out.  Without them, there would not have been the Walter Zick event.

To Barbara Slivac who helped write the grant that made the Walter Zick event possible.  She is also a very good friend who supports the type of programming I try to do. 

To Nevada Humanties for supporting the cultural and educational programming that I do from "Untold Stories" to the Walter Zick event!

To Jack LeVine at VeryVintageVegas,  Jack and I have been friends for over two years now.  We discovered each other through our mutual blogs.  Since then we have become great comrades in arms when it comes to helping preserve not only mid-century Las Vegas but historic neighborhoods as well.

To Heidi and Scott Swank, Mary Margaret and Cary Stratton, Jenny and Zane Donaldson, Steve Evans, Bill Johnson and Mark Comstock, Pam Hartley, Susan Dean, Brian Paco Alvarez and Mary Joy Alderman who have invested in historic homes, helped restore them, appreciate their history and their place in downtown neighborhoods.

To Donna and Gail Andress and Peg Crockett for their continued support of all I do.  Donna, Gail and Peg have lived here since the 1930s and are incredibly helpful and supportive.

To the Historic Preservation Commission for their support of our Archive Project.  Thanks to a grant from them, we were able to archive 25 video oral histories on DVD with indexed transcripts.  They are available for viewing at the State Museum and Special Collections.

To the Cashman Family for their support of the Archive Project.

To the crew at Dona Maria's Restaurant Downtown for always making us feel welcome and staying open when we show up just before closing time.

To the Friends of Classic Las Vegas, from Las Vegas to Northern California to places around the United States and Europe, your continued support through yearly dues and memberships helps us to fight the good battle of preserving the history of 20th Century Las Vegas.  Without you, this would not be possible.

To all our readers who help support day in and day out this blog.  Knowing that you are out there and are reading on a daily basis helps our morale more than you can imagine.  I appreciate your support and your readership more than you know!

To all, we wish a very merry Holiday and may the New Year bring out the best in all our dreams!

Look for our New Year's Eve Firework info coming this weekend!