Fun Las Vegas Photos - A trip down Memory Lane

Rex Bell Walking Box Ranch Label

Rex Bell Walking Box Ranch Western Shirt

Back of  the shirt

We know that Rex Bell, Sr (owner of the Walking Box Ranch) had a Western Wear Store on Fremont Street in the 1940s and 1950s.  We didn't know that he had his own designer label.  If anyone has info on the label please contact me!


Fremont Street in the 1930s with the Arrowhead Trail Garage in the foreground and the Hotel Apache in the background!

The Las Vegas Strip in the early 1980s.  Barbara Mandrell is at the Frontier and Bobby Vinton is headlining at the Desert Inn.  The Imperial 400 motel is in the foreground.

Nevada Club Charge Card

Back of the Nevada Club Charge Card


Thanks to Allen Sandquist (RoadsidePictures) for the non-Rex Bell pictures!