More Classic Las Vegas memories!


Aladdin Hotel with its wonderful "ice cream sundae" sign, 1966


Anderson Diary


Churchill Downs Shopping Center with the Liquor Locker and the original MGM Grand Hotel in the background.


The Convention Center Marquee hawking the wonderful Jaycee Clark County Fair (October was a wonderful month for it as the weather wasn't sizzling).  The Grateful Dead are coming soon.

The Desert Inn Marquee circa 1960 featuring Phil "The South Shall Rise Again" Harris and the Crosby Brothers (Bing's sons). (Thanks to those who wrote and caught my original faux-paus)


The lost and lamented Glass Pool Inn, now a dirt lot.


Hacienda Hotel circa 1965


Stardust Sign reflected in the Royal Nevada Pool


Thanks to Allen Sandquist (RoadsidePictures) for letting us use these images.