Classic Las Vegas Downtown Memories

How many of these do you remember?

As promised, there is a point to all of this.

Coasters from the Mint Hotel (gone)


The Blue Angel Motel circa 1957


The Blue Angel Motel, circa 2007


Nevada Club tourists (gone)


Ad ad for the Lady Luck, circa 1973 (sort of gone)


Golden Goose, circa 1973 (gone)


Fremont Street, 1991


The Ambassador Motel - 1952-2007 (gone)


Union Pacific Train Depot (gone), 1970


Chamber of Commerce ad, 1948


Main Street, 2008


Swim-In-Pool sign, (gone for now)


Not exactly downtown but the Skyway Drive-In (gone)


St Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church


International House of Pancakes


Tomorrow Classic Las Vegas neon!


Thanks to Allen Sandquist (RoadsidePictures) for letting us use these images!