Classic Las Vegas Neon Memories

This is our last installment of this week's walk down memory lane.  Tomorrow, as promised, the point behind this trip down memory lane.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and remember these places:

Blackjack Motel

Cardinal Motel (gone)


City Center Motel (gone)


Clark Inn Motel sign (gone)

El Sombrero Cafe (thankfully still standing)

El Dorado Club, 1988

Lucky Cuss Motel

Lucky Motel (still standing) but the sign is now in a private collection

New Town Tavern (thankfully still standing)

Showboat Sign (gone along with the Showboat)

Star View Motel (still standing) but the sign has been drastically altered

The Tod Motor Hotel (still going strong)

Fremont Street a long time ago


Las Vegas Convention Center Rotunda (gone)

Hacienda Horse and Rider preserved and restored and riding over Fremont Street