Cultural Tourism, Does it work in Las Vegas?

In light of the Moulin Rouge fire yesterday and in support of Historic Preservation Month, TONIGHT we are taking a slight break from discussing Las Vegas History with Untold Stories. May is Historical Preservation Month in Nevada and we are taking that opportunity to turn the spotlight on Cultural Tourism.

We will be talking about what is Cultural Tourism, what role does it currently play in Las Vegas, how can that role be expanded and how can it be marketed not only to tourists but more importantly the local population to help increase the role that history does play, every day throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Our panelists include:

Brian Paco Alvarez - local historian and curator of the Las Vegas News Bureau

Marilyn Gillespie, Executive Director, Natural History Museum

Aaron Micallef - curator at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Courtney Mooney - local historian and the Preservation Officer for the City of Las Vegas

Remember- Untold Stories now starts at 6:30 pm.

Thursday, May 7th

6:30 pm

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Desert Learning Center

Admission is $12

We hope to see you there!