Nevada Has a New State Archivist

We miss Guy Rocha since his retirement but news comes from the Review-Journal that the State has chosen someone to replace Guy as the State Archivist:

Longtime state employee Jeff Kintop has been named state archivist effective July 1.

Kintop, 58, has been the state archives manager since 1991 and worked in various state history and archives positions since 1979.

He replaces Guy Rocha, who retired in February after 28 years as the state archivist.

Kintop is Nevada's third state archivist.

The agency, part of the Department of Cultural Affairs, was created in 1965.

Given the coffers of the State and the budget cuts to all museums in Nevada, his job won't be easy.

Speaking of those budget cuts to museums:

Beginning July 1st, all state sponsored museums in Nevada will be a thirty-two hour work week.  The Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas will go from being up 7 days a week to being open 4 days a week.  The staff will work Wednesdays through Saturdays with Mondays and Tuesdays off.

Any way you slice it, it is a huge blow for cultural arts not only for the State but Las Vegas as well.