"Las Vegas: 1905-1965" Makes Great Summer Reading!



We've got copies!

Discover the real history of Las Vegas!

This is the book I wrote on the history of Las Vegas with lots of postcards, some rare and one of kind.  Makes for great reading this summer!!

If you are flying to Vegas this summer or need a book to read while poolside, this is it.  The story of Las Vegas told through postcard images.  Images that are part of our collective memory, images that you may never have seen before, a look at Las Vegas beyond the neon and the glitter.

In short, the real history of Las Vegas as you've never experienced.

The book covers the history of Las Vegas from 1905 to 1965 and besides lots of interesting history about the Strip and the various original hotels, there's lots of history on the Roadside Architecture, the Motels, the Post-War era,and most of all, the Community.

Discover the real history of your favorite vacation spot or the place you call home!

It's a fun-filled book packed with info and lots of images of the Las Vegas you love and miss.

I've got copies of the book for sale and I'll autograph them as well!


So, head on over and order your copy today!

A portion of the sales goes toward maintaining this blog and our historical preservation work so it's for a worthy cause!