"Collecting Las Vegas" - Untold Stories- This EVENING



July's Untold Stories is going to look at those who help keep our history alive by collecting Las Vegas ephemera. From postcards to menus to casino chips, these guys are helping to preserve a very vital piece of our collective memory.

It started as a small hobby that over the years has grown in size. But without them, many of these pieces would be lost for good.

Please join us and panelists:

Carey Burke

Robert Stoldal

and Rick Klabaka

and others as we talk about the hows and whys of their collections and why those collections are so important.

As many of you know, Robert Stodal is a big time collector of early, early Las Vegas while Carey tends to concentrate on Las Vegas of the 1930s-to today.  Rick is a gaming collector.

There will be copies of "Las Vegas: 1905-1965", the history book that Carey Burke and I did utilizing a great deal of his postcard collection, will be on sale before and after the panel. Carey and I will be happy to autograph copies.

Thursday, July 2nd

6:30 pm

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Desert Learning Center

Admission is $12

It should be a fun evening of history and the panelists are bringing items from their collections as well!

We hope to see you there!