Las Vegas Gets Snow!

One of our readers contacted me by email about two weeks ago.  She was wondering if there was still any snow on Mt. Charleston.  I assured her there was. 

Today, there is a whole lot more thanks to the winter storms that enveloped the Las Vegas Valley the last few days.


From the R-J:

Let it snow, let it snow!

That was the battle cry heard from people sledding at Lee Canyon Friday. About 30 people used the day to take advantage of several feet of snow the week's storms dumped on Mount Charleston.

Among the crowd were a group of airmen stationed at Nellis Air Force Base, enjoying their day off in the cold weather.

One was Ken Henderson, 19, who made several runs down the steep, rolling hill on his stomach before he decided to try his luck standing.

But Henderson soon discovered the $10 piece of plastic he'd bought at a discount store wasn't the sturdiest sled in the shed, and after a particularly nasty fall, he'd had enough.

"My head is still ringing from the last time, man," he said. "I'm done."

Henderson, who grew up in California, said he's lived in Las Vegas about seven months.

He'd already made it through the scorching temperatures of the summer, he said, and wanted to try out the opposite.

"It's a real change of pace from January in Vegas," said Henderson. "Out here it feels like a real winter."

Snow also fell on Red Rock Canyon: