A smattering of photos of Mid-Century Modern things we love

Our dedicated readers will remember our good friend, Allen Sandquist who goes by the name of RoadsidePictures on Flickr.

A few years back, he broke preservationists hearts by moving to Idaho.  But, because photography is in his heart, he has been preserving via his camera places in Northern Nevada and in southern Idaho.

Some of his photos have been featured in a new book, "Quintessential Boise: An Architectural Journey"

Here are some photos that I really love and I hope you do, too:


Nifty Mid-Century Modern vintqage bowl:


Pole Lamp (we had a similar one in my childhood home in Charleston Heights)



Covey's Little America near Boise

Cal Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe

Holiday Motel in Elko, NV

Club Silver Dollar in Elko, NV

El Rancho in Wells, NV

The Star Bar and Dining Room, Elko, NV

These cow pokes used to adorn the sign on the beloved but gone Mapes Hotel in Reno.  Today the preside over the Folklore Center in Elko!

Sands Motor Inn in Reno, NV looks like an homage to the famous Sands sign in Las Vegas!

As much as we miss him in Las Vegas, we thank him for letting us show of some of his recent work and congratulate him on his success in Boise!