Marilyn Monroe and Las Vegas

Okay all you Las Vegas history buffs.  Time to put on your thinking caps.  We have a reader who has been reading a book about Marilyn by Adam Victors.  According to the book, Marilyn (then Norma Jean) lived in Las Vegas in 1946.

The house was at 604 S. 3rd Street.  Today, the plot of land is a parking lot.  Our reader was wondering when the house was destroyed.

Also, he is looking for information about the old Las Vegas Hospital at Ogden and 8th.  The hospital construction was spearheaded by Dr. Roy Martin in the early 1930s.

"He told the Las Vegas Evening Review-Journal that he had retained architect A.L. Warwick to design the hospital, which would be "a two-story structure, built of gypsum blocks, stuccoed outside, finished in white with a red tiled roof, in the typical Spanish style so well adapted for this country." Total cost would be about $100,000. The Las Vegas Hospital was a state-of-the art, 35-bed facility. It had laboratories, maternity ward, an X-Ray machine, five treatment rooms, a tilting operating table, and an advanced lighting system in the operating room. "  (The First 100)

The building stood long after it was abandoned as a hospital.  It burned due to a fire of suspicious nature (too often the case to buildings preservationists are trying to save, it seems) but I can't remember the year.  Can you?

Anyone got any other Marilyn in Las Vegas stories to share?