More on the Liberace Museum Protest

From Jeffery White event organizer...

Dear Friends of the Liberace Foundation and Museum:


I am writing this to you, asking for your time and support for a worthy cause. We will be staging a Protest demonstration on Wednesday September 22nd from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  This demonstration will be a peaceful protest to keep the Liberace Museum Open.  We will be marching on the sidewalks surrounding the Liberace Museum.  This will also help to shine a spotlight on those responsible for its demise.


It is believed that the Liberace Museum has been grossly mismanaged by the past two Museum Presidents under the current watch of the Liberace Foundation Board President Dean, Jeffrey Koep of UNLV. 


This Non-Profit organization like any other should be held accountable for any and all mismanagement.  Non-Profit Boards have a fiduciary responsibility to the Public, especially when a large monetary trust is concerned. 


Las Vegas has been a city that all too often bulldozes its history.  Then we complain that our culture is non-existent.  We have said good-bye to the Las Vegas Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum.  The Liberace Museum is a Part of the Las Vegas Culture, as well as Liberace himself being a part of the Las Vegas Cultural fabric.  Entertainment has been synonymous with our colorful past.  Can we afford to let go of yet another iconic part of Las Vegas history? 


Now is the time to show your support and save a legacy that was given to the people of Las Vegas. Given the right leadership, this can be saved. 


Please do your part and join us in attending this peaceful demonstration to help prevent yet another Museum loss.  Let’s focus on the FUTURE so that the generations to come can also enjoy Mr. Showmanship’s legacy.


In closing….I would like to leave you with the closing remarks from Liberace’s book. “The Wonderful Private World of Liberace”


“What lies ahead should be determined by what we’ve missed in the past.  The present should be spent realizing all of our unfulfilled dreams and ambitions…My attitude is that nothing is impossible – it just takes a little longer.  Making up for lost time is the best motivation of all in planning for the future”



I’ll Be Seeing You!  (On Wednesday)


Jeffrey White

Protest Organizer