Las Vegas has a new Mayor, Deja-Vu time

Carolyn Goodman, wife of termed out mayor Oscar, won her bid to be the next mayor of Las Vegas in a race that wasn't quite the landslide her supporters expected.

With 96% of the vote in, Goodman called a victory and opponent County Commissioner Chris G called to concede.  Goodman won with 60% to 40% but hardly the complete landslide her supporters had expected.  Chris G remains a County Commissioner with a bright political future.

In other races, Bob Coffin won the Ward 3 race.  Former opponent Steve Evans provided a great deal of moral support and a graciousness rarely seen in today's politics by throwing his support and that of his supporters to Coffin after the prelim election a few months ago.

Voter turnout was low but with Carolyn Goodman vows to continue the plans her husband put in place during his tenure as the previous "happiest mayor in the world".

Our best wishes to Carolyn Goodman and the job ahead.