Waning Days for the Las Vegas Hilton?????




Many of us, of a certain age-of course- remember when it was the International Hotel and home to Elvis, Liberace, Ike and Tina and Hair!

But for the last forty years (or so), it has been known as the Las Vegas Hilton.  Word comes today, that the one-time top tier hotel (and one that had a co-starring role in the wonderful, Diamonds Are Forever) may be shedding the name Hilton (and possibly a lot more).

From our pals at LA Biz Observed:

Hilton's contract to manage the famous property is running out, and the company has informed the hotel's owner, Santa Monica-based Colony Capital, that it will pull its brand by January 2012 (Hilton doesn't own most of the hotels it manages). The financial picture is a mess: The Vegas Hilton has been missing payments on a $252 million loan, with the hotel-casino losing almost $9 million in the second quarter. (The Review-Journal has the particulars.)

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