The Vegas Vampire


If you grew up in Las Vegas in the late 1960s, you probably watched the Vegas Vampire every Friday night on Channel 5 (back in the days when it was an independent channel and not a Fox affiliate.)

It was the era of spooky hosts (long before Elvira) and we had our own.  Parker sold the show idea to Channel 5 and late night Friday nights were never same.  The films he showed were mostly B and C grade horror fodder but the reason we watched was less for the films and more for Parker.  The set included a coffin and Parker had a routine that skewered local and national politicians that included voodoo dolls and humor.

The show was very successful.  Not only did his audience include teenagers around the Las Vegas Valley but the celebrities on the Strip as well.  Some even appeared on his show.

He co-hosted the local segments of Jerry Lewis' MDA Labor Day telethon and was a frequent participant in St. Judes's "Night of Stars" that local entertainment columnist Joe Delaney put together each year.

Parker also was the publicity director of Channel 5 for a few years.

So, do you have memories of the Vegas Vampire?  If so, we would love to hear them!