Macayo Vegas on Decatur is closing


For almost forty years, the Macayo Vegas on Decatur has been the hangout for high school kids celebrating football wins, homecoming, reunions and more.  Families go to the restaurants as well as those on dates.

When I was a teenager going to Clark High (class of '75), this Macayo was the anchor in what was then a mall that included Woolco and Dana McKay's Books at Charleston and Decatur. 

Across Decatur was the bank designed by Zick and Sharpe. 


Kitty corner on the northwest corner was Nevada Savings Bank.

Woolco and Dana McKay Books left the scene years ago and Macayo Vegas survived.  The neighborhood that used to include shoe stores, formal wear stores has changed over the years and Macayo has survived.

The first Macayo Vegas is located on East Charleston and this outpost was one of the early forays outside of the eastern part of the city.  Factoid, my mom used to be a waitress at the East Charleston locale back in the early to mid-1960s.

Today, Macayo's has outposts around the valley but this one has a special place in the hearts of those of us who grew up in Charleston Heights.  They allowed us to take over the place and celebrate high school rituals without an eye on the clock and the need to turn the tables.  We returned that good will by coming back well into middle age and still hanging out at this Macayo's.

Unfortunately, time and the economy has caught up with all of us and Macayo's has announced that the long surviving outpost at Charleston and Decatur will close.  So, if you attended Clark or Western High back in the day and celebrated at this Macayo's, stop in and give your thanks by having one last dinner.

They are closing at the end of the month.

I know the Clark Class of '75 is planning a get-together there on Jan. 21st. 

How about you?  Are you going to Macayo for one walk down memory lane?

Bonus question-Do you have memories of Woolco or Dana McKay's?  What other shops were in that mall or the one across Charleston?