The Neon Museum is Officially Open!!!



It's been quite the journey for the Neon Museum from idea to actual museum but it's journey is about to take on a new luster as it officially opens for business.  Using the famed restored La Concha as its own lobby and with a new, improved website, the Neon Museum begins its next chapter with plenty of hope and a revitalized mission.

Our good friend Kristen Peterson has all the news on the Neon Museum's official opening.

From the Las Vegas Weekly:

It’s a lovely Saturday morning in Downtown Las Vegas, and we’re in the Neon Museum’s Boneyard, standing before the Moulin Rouge sign’s beautifully scripted font as our tour guide discusses the racial segregation of Las Vegas’ past. We’ve already learned about the 1905 land auction that gave birth to Downtown Las Vegas, and that a mere 90 years later, the fantastic lighted and neon signs that came to define the city were being collected by a local arts organization as the only souvenirs of a quickly vanishing past.


On October 27, more than 15 years after being established, the Neon Museum will open to the general public, offering a look at the history of design and architecture in Las Vegas, via the advertising that defined us. The moment arrives after years of hard work by a dedicated few, along with financial uncertainty, as the grassroots nonprofit sought to fund the rescue of signs amid many demolitions. So popular is the Boneyard that museum representatives are already recommending pre-purchased tickets for the $18 daily drop-in tours of the famous lot on Las Vegas Boulevard North, where the concentration of extraordinarily constructed large-scale signs provides a rich aesthetic walk down Memory Lane.

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