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Bad Seeds Episode 7

Opens with a farmer and his son in a corn field. The old man thinks they’ve found a diseased prairie dog den.  He instructs his son to start digging because otherwise the dead prairie dogs will disease the soil and “make us all sick”. Drink now if you know what they are going to find.

And in the best Tony the Ant fashion, they uncover a hand. The rest of the body can’t be far behind. The camera pans up and across the cornfield and we see in the not far distance, The Strip/Downtown, all four buildings, and one of the buildings looks like the Savoy. Dun, Dun, Dunn!

Now, in fairness we did have a Japanese family that grew fresh fruits and veggies that they sold to the locals, the hotels and restaurants. So I can’t bag on them too much for this, it’s just that the farm wasn’t quite that close to either the Strip or Downtown. But, they are in the ball park so I’m going to let this one slide. For now.

We cut to the Savoy where patrons are having a high old time. Frank (or more likely a sound alike) is singing “On Top of the World” on the soundtrack.

The Savinos are dining with Vince’s top lieutenant, Red. The mayor’s race from last week’s episode is neck and neck. Vince and Red argue about the race and Vince reminds him that they need Grady to win the election not just tie. Vince is worried that if Bennett wins, he will be in favor of regulating the Savoy which will cut down on the skim. Mrs. Savino chimes in that they have done all they can. Red says he has spoken to a friend of his who ships the voting machines and “it is all set”. Are you surprised that they plan to win the election with voter fraud. Nah, me neither. Drink.

Speaking of the candidate, Grady joins them. Seems he found a flyer on his windshield, “ Our nation fights communism hard enough overseas, we shouldn’t have to worry about it in our city.” Grady is not happy that the Savinos are playing dirty. “Most voters like that he stands up to crime”, Grady tells them.

There’s talk of the Rocky Marciano fight at the Polo Grounds when Rocky almost lost because his opponent attacked his strength. Mrs. S makes the analogy that Grady should  attack Bennett on his “tough on crime record”. Grady agrees but the election is in two days, “so let’s try to keep this above board” Grady pleads. After he leaves, we discover Mrs. S never saw the fight she described. What a wily minx, you’re probably thinking.

Back at the cornfield, Ralph and Katherine are overseeing the recovery of two bodies. Katherine looks quite fashionable in her purple wool dress, Ralph just looks like his usual stern self. Everyone pulls out bandanas to cover their noses. This way we know the bodies have been there awhile. Dixon pulls the short straw and has to look for identification on the dead bodies. Katherine saves him by identifying them on sight. One of course, is the late Davey Carnera and the other is his body guard. Are you surprised? I thought not. Drink.

Ralph and Katherine are worried that “every thug with a grudge” is going to be on the next plane to Vegas hoping to take out Savino. The farmer, looking a bit like old man Ewell in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, wants to know who is going to pay for the destruction of his crop (thanks to the lye used on the bodies). Ralph says he’ll take care of it.

A plane arrives at McCarran Airport and the scene looks like something out of last year’s retro show, “Pan Am”. The deputies are stopping anyone in a suit. Eyeglasses has a new identity, Lyle Plimpton (nice shout out to author George Plimpton), and is stopped by a deputy. But, of course, because he’s smart, he’s not carrying id that would say he was from Wisconsin. He’s just a business man in town on business. And we all know the kind of business Eyeglasses is in, don’t we. Drink. He says he is in “whole sale butchery”. I’m not joking. Drink again.

Savino is upset because the bodies have been found. He knows trouble is coming. Burley is out having a smoke and Eyeglasses is there in the alley waiting. Burley is worried. He goes for his gun, Eyeglasses beats him to it and Burley goes down. A woman comes out of the back entrance of a market and sees Eyeglasses. He tips his hat and it cuts to a couple of apples rolling away and the sound of a gun shot.

Ralph and Jack are soon on the scene. Ralph barks orders and the mayor comes storming on the scene. He’s worried about the election. Ralph puts him in his place by reminding him that “poor Marjorie Dobbs” wasn’t a mobster. Ralph heads to the Savoy because “it’s a retaliation aimed at Chicago” and that can only mean Savino.

Savino is upset over the loss of Burley who has known since they were kids together. Red reminds him that Milwaukee is going to send someone over the “Carnero deal”. Ralph and Katherine, now in a red wool suit, interrupt them. Ralph and Savino have words. Savino won’t roll on who did the hit on Davey Carnero. Ralph, very stern, speaks into his walkie talkie, “okay boys” and we cut to the casino floor where deputies are entering the Savoy. They are placing deputies at strategic points around the casino. Mia is not happy with Jack because “you’re shutting down the casino I help run. I didn’t expect this of you”, she tells him.

Holy Crap, Dennis Quaid just smiled!!!! Take a long drink!!!! He and Savino have reached a stand-off. The deputies are staying as long as there are customers in the Savoy or until Vince gives up the shooter of Carnero.

Back in Chicago, Angelo and Johnny Rizzo are talking about the Savoy being shuttered. Rizzo is doing all he can to talk Angelo into shelving Savino. Angelo tells him to check flights to Vegas. Rizzo ends with “maybe we don’t need Savino”. Dun, Dun, Dunn!  Drink if you knew Rizzo was a back stabbing snake.  Take another if you’re glad to see Jonathan Banks.

Katherine is talking to the Lambs. They know what gun killed Carnero. A deputy has noticed a car parked on Fremont Street. Ralph tells him to check it out. An elderly gentleman comes in, he’s Marjorie Dobbs’ husband. He hasn’t been able to see his wife’s body. Ralph apologies and Jack takes Mr. Dobbs to his office.

Johnny Rizzo and Angelo are at the Savoy. Savino tries to explain. Angelo doesn’t want to hear it. He knows Savino had Carnero killed. “We need to make peace with Milwaukee now so we don’t lose everything we built here”. Angelo wants to give the Tumbleweed to Milwaukee. Savino is not happy. Angelo reminds him “I’m not just trying to save the Savoy, I’m trying to save you.”

On Fremont Street, Dixon is going through the car. The car belongs to Lyle Plimpton. Ralph wants him picked up. Seems Eyeglasses lives in Vegas. Ralph and Jack take their rifles and go to Plimpton’s. There they almost shoot a large African American who “isn’t as pale as I was expecting”, Says Ralph.

Eyeglasses is back at the Savoy, as a carpet salesman with an appointment to see Vince. He opens his sample case and its got carpet samples. Unfortunately, the deputy doesn’t look any closer.

Savino is unhappy about losing the Tumbleweed.

Eyeglasses gets caught by the deputy and is dispatched. Savino tries to shoot Eyeglasses but he gets away. Savino doesn’t give chase because of the wounded deputy. Ralph and Jack are there quickly. They take Savino and Red’s guns. Dixon is mad at Savino for starting this mess.

Savino finally fingers Eyeglasses. “He’s a pro’s pro. He doesn’t quit.” Ralph handcuffs Savino and takes Savino out as they pass Angelo and Rizzo. Ralph figures Eyeglasses can’t kill Savino if he is in protective custody.

After another round of commercials we come back to find Ralph putting Savino in his truck. He sends Jack and Dixon to find Eyeglasses, who may be wounded. Ralph tells them to check with the vets as well. Jack sends Dixon to the station and he goes to see Mia. He’s surprised to see Mia is still there. He tries to tell her to leave, but Johnny comes out and gets tough with Jack.  Mia says “she’ll be fine”. Jack is not happy. Are you surprised? Drink.

Ralph is splitting wood and Savino is watching. Dennis Quaid smiles again!  Drink!!!!! Ralph is actually stringing barb wire. We see Eyeglasses and his wounded. He calls acting as a county clerk and discovers that Ralph is watching Savino personally. Eyeglasses calls Milwaukee for reinforcements.

Savino and Ralph are back in the ranch house having coffee.  Savino wants to call his wife and “tell her to get out of town”. Ralph gives him the phone. Mrs. Savino wants to know where he is. He wants her to leave town. “I can’t protect you right now”. She understands and says she will leave tonight. He tells her to use the names they did in Tampa and not to go to Chicago.

The deputy tells Jack and Katherine about the phone call. He tells them that Ralph was watching them. Jack realizes that Eyeglasses knows that Vince and Ralph are together. In an homage to Jethro Leroy Gibbs, Ralph fixes steaks for him and Vince.  Quaid smiled again!!!  Drink!!!! Savino suggests that when this mess is over maybe he and the missus can double date with Ralph and Katherine.

Savino asks about what happened to Ralph’s wife but gets stonewalled.

Rizzo is on the phone “We got the okay. It will be over by tonight.”

Savino and Ralph are still talking about Ralph’s time in the service. Savino won’t let the wife thing go and Ralph tells him “she died in a car accident.” Savino is touched but still won’t let it go. He ends up getting slugged. Serves him right. Jack calls to let Ralph know that Eyeglasses is on his way.

Too late, “he’s already here”.

After the commercials, we return to find Ralph loading up and going outside. He pulls the barbed wire and stops the car. “You’re on my land and after my prisoner”. How did these thugs get to Las Vegas so quickly? Ralph dispatches them but Eyeglasses has the draw on Ralph. Luckily for Ralph, Savino has managed to escape the cuffs and comes to Ralph’s rescue. They try to box Eyeglasses in but he gets the drop on Savino, and Ralph saves the day. He gets the draw on Eyeglasses and shoots him in the arm.

The deputies leave the Savoy and Mia and Jack flirt. She asks why “are you so interested in protecting me” to which Jack replies, “I think it might be something I’m good at.” Mrs. Savino didn’t have to leave. Milwaukee wants to work things out. Angelo and Rizzo take Savino for a ride. Even Mrs. S knows what  that means. Red looks anguished.

Out in the desert, the three get out of the car. Angelo apologies for what is coming. “We have to do what is right, I love you like a son.” Angelo has a shovel. “Bury me deep. I don’t want my kids to see me in the papers.” Rizzo surprises (well,not us right) Savino by killing Angelo. “He was getting soft. The old Angelo would have seen that coming.” Seems Rizzo checked it with the big man in Chicago and put the hit on Angelo. Drink if you will miss Jonathan Banks. Rizzo is now in charge. Seems Chicago wasn’t keen on losing the Tumbleweed.

The mayor goes out to the Lamb ranch and tells Ralph that he lost the election. He gives the official returns to Ralph. Mayor Grady is happy. The boys (including Rizzo) at the Savoy are happy. Mrs. Savino is happy to see Vince come through the door. Judy Garland is happily singing on the soundtrack as we fade out.

This was actually the best episode of the series so far. Character development galore. Some actual tension. The return, albeit briefly, of Jonathan Banks. Could things be looking up for the show?  

Guess we will all find out next week!

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