Ralph Denton, Rest in Peace


He was one of our best interviews and one of our best supporters.  Ralph Denton is a part of Las Vegas history. He was, as Las Vegas historian Michael Green noted, our "Liberal Conscience". His life is woven into our history and he was known for standing up for the little guy and doing the right thing.

He and his wife, Sara, moved to Boulder City in 1959 and raised their family there. Their door was always open and they have many friends who are saddened by the news of Ralph's passing this past Friday.

We will miss him, his stories and his zest for life. I'm glad we had the chance to interview him back in 2005 as that led to a friendship we will always value. He made time in his schedule to participate in the various panel discussions we did with the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas and Untold Stories at the Springs Preserve.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sara and their children, Sally and Scott as well as the rest of the family.

We will miss you, Ralph.


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