Recap of Little Fish, episode of Vegas

Little Fish  Season 1/Ep. 16



After a month-long break, Vegas returns to the airwaves.

Violet, the movie star we met last month wants to leave the Savoy and rent a house. Her manager says she won’t last a day without room service. The Lamb brothers arrest a man for having sex with a minor (she’s 17 going on 20). She’s not cooperating and Ralph just wants to know who her pimp is.

Jack comes clean to the DA and Kathryn about the death of Daddy Rizzo. The DA, who remember is in Savino’s back pocket, gives Jack a hard time. Kathryn is on Jack’s side as is Ralph. The DA is outnumbered, so he folds and this storyline basically comes to an end (except the Jack and Mia storyline will continue).

Welcome back, Vegas.

Wait, what’s this?  A title sequence (!!!!) that emphasizes gaming, smoking and guns. It’s a short title sequence, no shots of the stars, but it is a title sequence. Is CBS having second thoughts about canceling the show?

Ralph is still his usual taciturn self. Dixon is still chasing Violet and Jack is still in love with Mia. Which is pretty much the story tonight.

The john who got arrested at the top of the show is being grilled by Ralph when Agent Burns,on orders from the governor, offers the guy, who is a dealer at the Savoy, a deal, deal if he’ll roll on the syndicate. He agrees to and Ralph’s attempt to find out who the pimp is goes out the door.

The writing is not any better than it was a month ago, still pretty much superficial. Guess all the deep thinking went into the title sequence.

Jack tells Mia that they have an informant from inside the hotel and he tells her that Savino set up not only him but Daddy Rizzo. When she asks why she should trust him, Jack tells her he is still in love with her. Feel the heartstring tug?

No smiling Ralph. Mia asks Savino if he called her a rat. She gets the run around but not a denial. She doesn’t seem to notice that Savino didn’t actually answer the question.

Agent Burns tells Mia he is going to take her down unless she rolls over on Savino and if she doesn’t, she will spend her child-bearing years in prison.

Jack and Savino get into a fight. Jack gets in a punch or two as does Vince. Vince threatens Jack.  Are you worried? I thought not. This is not Vic Mackey making threats.

Savino calls the DA on the carpet because of Agent Burns. The DA balks at doing Savino’s dirty work. Savino puts the screws to the DA and tells him to get his hands filthy. Again, unfortunately, this is Vince Savino talking and not Vic Mackey, so there really won’t be any severe consequences or in-depth story telling.

Is it just me or did the music score on this show get better since the break? Not the historic songs but the music score.

Seems Miss Sanchez really just wants to sing on the stage, just one song. Dixon is surprised by how good Miss Sanchez can sing.

The girl at the top of the show, of course, wants out of her life as a prostitute. Ralph, of course, wants to help her, but only in fatherly fashion (it is Dennis Quaid after all). But first, her “mother” shows up to spring her from jail. Everyone falls for the mother routine, even Kathryn. The only ones who don’t are the viewers.

The “mother” delivers the girl to Mia, who gives her $3000 to go to Chicago, go to secretarial school and graduate. When she does, another $3000 will be sent to her.  Mia wants the charges dropped against the dealer so that the case goes away.

Jack bugged Savino’s office. He didn’t go to Vince’s office just to fight it seems. Is it legal, Ralph asks. It’s not illegal, Jack tells him. Aah, the early 1960s wiretapping.

Violet returns to Hollywood, leaving Dixon with a broken heart. Jack tells him to go get his girl with a cow analogy. That’s classy.

Mia has the dealer thinking she’s going to be lenient on him. She fires him and tells him to what will happen to him if he ever decides to talk. He gets a major beating.

She goes to see Jack and gives him a letter from the girl. She tells him she is safe and we see her on the bus. She tells Ralph who is looking for and where he lives. There’s a chase on fire escapes.

Miss Sanchez is going to LA with a side trip (and a shout out to Langer’s Deli in McArthur Park). The Savoy entertainment director seems a bit taken with Miss Sanchez.  Dixon hitches a ride with her to win Violet back.

The DA sends a package to Chicago (briefcase full of money) and then calls Savino which means the wire tap picks the call up.

But Jack does not recognize the DA’s voice. This is Vegas, after all.

And with that, the episode comes to an end.

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