Recap of "Unfinished Business", new episode of Vegas tonight!

Unfinished Business    Season 1, Episode 20

After a couple of weeks of far-flung travel (hello, TCM Classic Film Festival), we are back with a recap!

At the top of the episode:

The Tumbleweed is about to “come under new management”.  Mining tycoon Porter Gainsley’s ownership of the Tumbleweed not only has Vince’s panties in a bunch but and wants him out. Gainsley thinks he can up Vince. We know better.

The chorus line at the Savoy is expensive, costing the hotel  $25,000 to bribe a gaming commissioner.

Agent Byrne,  who was shot by a rogue woman  last week is recovering. He hates jello cubes. Don’t we all.

Lady Heather, oops, Mia’s mother, Lena, is on her way to Tahoe for the weekend but runs into Mia and Jack before hand and has eyes for Jack. Mia is not happy.

The brothers Lamb find the body of a lawyer, Milton Krull, in the trunk of a car with a canary in his mouth. Can we say foreshadowing? Yes, we can.

Katherine thinks Krull is working both sides against the middle. Are you surprised? No, we thought not.

Gainsley was a friend of the former, dead sheriff and that causes Ralph to raise an eyebrow.

Katherine knows that Jack has been taping the phone calls and Mia may be in the cross hairs of the Feds. Jack assures her that’s not the case. Are you surprised? We thought not.

Seems the dead lawyer had an in with Ralph’s dead wife. Her brother was involved, business speaking, with the dead lawyer. Seems the brother sold the ranch to Krull and the payments ran out. The brother thinks that Ralph thinks he might have killed Krull. He claims he didn’t. Are you surprised? We thought not.

Dixon and Miss Sanchez find out that a company, Nevada Land Consortium, was interested in Marilyn’s family’s ranch before her death. Ooops!

Dixon goes after his uncle. The uncle claims he is innocent and gets the drop. Are you surprised? We thought not.

The Lamb brothers really aren’t all that good no matter how much the show runners want us to think they are.

Dixon and his uncle talk about Marilyn, the missing piece that is supposed to be at the heart of this story. Do you care? We thought not.

Agent Byrne, it seems, is making inroads with the investigation and with Katherine. He is being made Special Bureau Chief and wants Katherine to join him outside Las Vegas. She sees through the transparent attempt to derail the investigation. And we are sure you did, too!

Dixon wants to investigate what happened to Marilyn and enlists Ralph’s help. Are you surprised? We thought not.

Jack sees a future where he and Mia own a 500 acre ranch. Have you stopped laughing? We thought not. But, this being Vegas, she’s thinking about it.

We find out that Vince got out of Havana just ahead of Castro. He wants to be his own man. The Tumbleweed is that opportunity. That and Lady Heather, oops, Mia’s mother, Lena. They have plenty of heat. And someone tries to blow them up. Doesn’t look good for Lady Heather. Luckily, for whoever planted the bomb, she lives.

Katherine and Ralph think Gainsley double crossed Vince.

Vince, of course, wants revenge.

Jack believes that Gainsley wants Vince dead. He wants Mia out of there. She ain’t leaving cause, well, because it serves the overall plot. What’s that plot? We have no idea. Something about Chicago wanting Vince dead and Vince wanting his own place and all this happens under the watchful eye of Ralph Lamb.

Gainsley goes to Katherine because she has questions. He has no answers. Are you surprised? We thought not.

Katherine thinks she can lower the boom on Gainsley. You think that will happen? We thought not.

Seems Nevada Land Consortium was looking for water rights. There is a straw man at the heart of it. Are you surprised? We thought not.

Jack has competition with the Savoy Entertainment Director who has eyes for Mia. Are you surprised? We thought not.

Katherine is driving home on a dark road and gets run off that road. Are you surprised? We thought not. Will you be surprised that Ralph is upset? We thought not.

Vince discovers he’s been bugged not by the Feds but by Jack and the local sheriff’s office.

Looks like Gainsley put out the hit on Katherine which causes Ralph to attack him. Ralph gets replaced by the state attorney general and relieved of duty.

Gainsley is implicated not only in the accident that has put Katherine in the hospital in critical condition but the death of Ralph’s wife (and he had to turn in his badge). Are you surprised?  We thought not.

Ralph goes to Vince to get his help in bringing down Gainsley. Ralph offers up the tapes vis a via Vince and Chicago to bring down Gainsley. Are you surprised? We thought not.

How does this lead to the season finale?

 A showdown between Ralph and Vince vs Porter Gainsley.

Who do you think will win?

Yeah, we thought so.

The big question at this point is not how they accomplish that but will the series be renewed.

Stay tuned!