Dr. Lonnie guests on this week's "American Restoration"

Dr. Lonnie Hammergren, collector of not only Las Vegas history but history's weird and arcane objects, will guest star on History Channel's American Restoration tomorrow (Tuesday) night.


Do you remember the Iron Lung? Well….Rick, the star of Las Vegas’ very own “American Restoration” television show will be restoring one tomorrow night on the History Channel.

Rick called Dr. Lonnie Hammargren for his advice and expertise regarding the iron lung because of his medical understanding of the machine and Lonnie just happened to have one in his backyard. For years Lonnie had his iron lung exhibited with a blowup doll of the iconic Superman inside of the thing wherein he was jokingly trying to resuscitate him.

It worked out well for Rick since Lonnie’s was in much better shape and Rick was able to borrow pieces and parts to restore his iron lung that you will see tomorrow tonight… as well as scenes from the “Hammargren Home of Nevada History”.

Check your local listings for the time in your area!


Perhaps Rick can use his restored iron lung to attempt a resuscitation of Wonder Woman.