Autographed Copies of Gambling on a Dream Now Available

Now that the holidays are over and you can relax, why not do so with an autographed copy of my book, Gambling on a Dream: The Classic Las Vegas Strip 1930-1955. Learn about the early days of the Strip, when it was just a two-lane, pot-holed, blacktop linking southern California with the small town of Las Vegas. You can discover the in-depth histories of the first eleven hotels built on that lonely stretch of road and how the visionaries who built those hotels, turned that stretch of the highway into the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.

The book covers the architecture as well as the neon signs and offers stories from the men and women who were there.

If you love Las Vegas history (and who doesn’t) or if you want to learn about the hotels that made the Strip of today even possible, this book and the companion DVD offer plenty of glamour, glitz and history!

Personalized autographed copies available now: Gambling on a Dream book/DVD

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