Caesars Palace announces Expansion

Yeah, I know.  It seems like they just got finished with the New Forum shops, the latest tower, the new front entrance and the new facade.

But word comes from Harrah's Entertainment that they aren't done yet.  They have announced an approximately $1 billion expansion of Caesars Palace.  I know what you're thinking, what else could they need?

Well how about  new 665-room hotel tower. The Octavius Tower (because the Caesars Palace has to resemble Old Rome no matter what.  Do you think they remember how the story ends?) will be located adjacent to a new 263,000-square-foot (yeah, you read that right)  Meeting and Convention Center (because you can't have a hotel in Vegas today without Convention space.  There will come a time when the whole Strip is just Convention Space, forget the food, the rooms and gaming.

Other additions will include new luxury villa suites (are the ones they just finished already out-dated by today's "hip" stnadards), pools, an outdoor spa (because when it's 115 outdoors, I want to go to an outdoor spa) , and a garden wedding chapel.

The expansion should be completed  in early 2009.   Isn't almost every project under construction on the Strip and Downtown slated for a 2009 completion?