Chaz Higgs Slashes Wrists, Trial Suspended

Chaz Higgs, the husband of the late State Controller, Kathy Augustine, is on trial for her murder. He slashed his wrists earlier today in a second suicide attempt.  He was hospitalized and the trial was suspended until Wednesday.  Higgs attempt at suicide came just hours before he was to undergo cross examination by the Prosecutors in the Augustine murder trial.  Higgs' attorney, David Houston, has predicted a mistrial will be declared.


Late this afternoon in another bizarre twist to this already bizarre case, Charles Higg, on trial for the murder of his wife,  Kathy Augustine, has asked that the trial resume on Thursday morning.  Higgs was released earlier in the afternoon from the Reno Hospital that he was rushed to after slitting his wrists.

Higgs was re-arrested and taken to jail where he is on suicide watch.