Digital World Series of Poker

If Benny Binion wasn't spinning in his grave before, he surely is now with reports that Poker rooms are going digital.  One of the great things about poker is the sound of the chips.  Add to that the dealers and the flipping of the card and you have one of those sounds that is uniquely old Vegas.

Like so many other landmarks that are falling way too quickly, comes word that the World Series of Poker (started by the afore-mentioned Benny Binion) may go digital in the not to distant future.  What does this mean?  No chips, no dealers, no cards.  

We say, why bother?

The Nevada Gaming Commission recently licensed a company that makes these digtial, electronic devices  to do business here in the heart  of the gambling world

The appeal seems to be that without a live dealer more money can be made by the house.

Will the likes of Doyle Brunson and the old school poker players come out to play the new-fangled way?  Or is this yet another nail in the coffin of the way Las Vegas used to be?

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