Welcome to our new site!

It took a bit longer than we expected, but we have been hard at work upgrading our blog site. 

We hope you like this new site. We have new and improved photo history galleries, as well as popular features such as The Classic Las Vegas Strip History and the Fremont Street History.

We also have a new and improved store where you can purchase our DVDs, The Story of Classic Las Vegas: An Overview and A Tribute to Don English.

One thing to be aware of, we have a new web addy- Classiclasvegasblog.com,  so if you have our old site (Classiclasvegas.squarespace.com) bookmarked, please update your bookmark.

The old site will stay up (because nothing ever really goes away on the interwebs!) but we will not be updating it any longer. So, if you want to your Classic Las Vegas history, this is the place to find it! 

As you are checking out our new digs, please let us know if you find any links that don't work or any formatting issues. We may have a missed a few in our general housekeeping the last few days and appreciate the extra sets of eyes! 

We will be adding links to some of our contributors and favorite sites as well in the days ahead. 

So, thank you all for helping make this site so successful and we hope you enjoy the new look!